Way To #Fix AOL Mail No Longer Syncing Or Fetching Email Problem

AOL Mail No Longer Syncing or Fetching Email Problem bugs occur on your Android device at times resulting in AOL mail not running in Android. This challenge is mainly due to the fact that the Android version is or the AOL software is outdated. This can may also be caused by a poor internet connection. In this blog, we discussed ways to Fix AOL Mail No Longer Syncing or Fetching Email Problem with simple steps.

So, if you face this confusing problem and are searching for a secure solution, this is the right place. We will address all the logical reasons and possible solutions in this respect as soon as possible.

We have developed some useful methods to help fix this problem. You can either use one or all of these steps to solved AOL account errors.

See Your Mobile Device’s Internet Connection

The main cause of this mistake may be a poor internet connection. Therefore, to stop such a limit on your Android device, you must test the internet connection. The next steps are:

1. Open the Android menu and toggle on your Android device. Navigate from the list to the Settings app.

2. Open Preferences and locate the wireless connection and network connection in the center of the row.

3. Now enable your mobile data link and uninstall Wi-Fi to make sure the Internet works properly. If it’s still soft, then move from the list to the Network alternative.

4. Open the Network segment and manually check through the Check manually for your device’s network.

5. Once the quest is over, a list of all networks for your Android device is open.

6. Now, test whether or not the AOL code runs well. Use another option below if you still can’t use the AOL app.

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Verify All AOL System Settings

Sometimes the AOL service can adjust to stop the application from running. Therefore, all AOL device configurations should be checked cross-checked. Some of the following steps:

1.  To sign in to your account the first click on the Add Account option, open the AOL program.

2.  Type your AOL’s exact email and password and press OK. Then choose the menu’s manual setup.

3.  Tap now and fill in the box as provided on the page, use the IMAP Account Settings choice.

4.  Set None for security and the port must be “143, IMAP, and IMAP. AOL.com shall be a server.

5.  Choose another “Next” option and change your AOL account’s SMTP and Outgoing Server Settings.

6.  Click the next tab, press OK to save your changes, and log back into your AOL account.

See if the Android device runs the AOL client or not. Use another option if the problem remains and you are unable to access the AOL service.

Upgrade The Device’s Program Or Operating System

To stop these glitches, you must keep your software up to date on your Android device. An old version of your program will prohibit you from running multiple applications.

·         Access and access the settings menu on your Android device. Tap About Phone from the very bottom of the list.

·         Now switch from the Menu to the System Update tab to see if your computer has the latest software.

·         Click on it to install the update if you have a new program for your Android device.

The deployment of the program takes approximately an hour, so be careful. When the update is complete, the phone automatically restarts and then verifies whether or not the AOL program is operating on your computer. Attempt another route, if you are not able to access the AOL service.

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Deactivate and Update the AOL Program

The software occasionally gets corrupted, resulting in a message that says “Close the Program” on your computer. In this situation, you need the AOL service to be uninstalled and restored so that the service is returned to you as before. The next steps are:

1.  Switch on and browse and open your Android device from the Settings screen.

2.  Check for a list of devices, followed by a button on your device’s default apps.

3.  Now, from the list, check the AOL program that includes all the mobile apps and press them.

4.  It gives you two choices, namely Stop and Uninstall Power. To validate a procedure, select the Uninstall option, and press OK again.

5.  Upon completion of uninstallation, visit the Play store service and check the search box for AOL.

6.  To update the program automatically, press the Update button.

Now sign in again with your email ID and password to make sure your Android device supports back AOL service.

If you are not able to access the AOL service after completing all the methods then contact our AOL Support Team you can dial our toll-free +1(866) 257-5356 number to get instant solution related AOL error.

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